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Our brand is the story about three women, fate of whom mysterically connected like threads on the cloth. We are three Iryna's and every of us had our own way. Iryna Koverha is the one who is a professional tailor. Iryna Molochko has been working with finances during her whole life, that's why she respects numbers, clear calculations and planning. Iryna Hrydzhuk is the lecturer in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and at the same time the person, who is mainly associated with creativity and a bunch of new ideas and interesting projects.

So once in the evening the idea to gather all together, use all our talents and skills and put them into practice was created. Having everything thought, we realized that the best sphere for realization of our talents is clothes.

The story of three Is

"Велюровое пальто" Темна футболка з 3D-вишивкою на моделі
Сірий худі з 3D-вишивкою на моделі

Who are we, and why are we doing what we are doing?

The amount of offers is more than enough, including prints, decorations etc. But we wanted something unusual, original an practical at the same time. Something that would look expensive, but be affordable at the same time. Something that would samely fit both with skirt and heels, and jeans with sneakers. That's how our clothes was created – knitwear clothes with original handmade embroidery.

So why us and how do we differ from other manufacturers? Our clothes are the result of careful handmade work, the quality of which is guaranteed. And most importantly - each of the products is 100% unique, because we modify, improve and turn each new embroidery into work of art.

Why us?

"Красное солнце" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
"Зоряна ніч" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці

Three-dimensional embroidery on our products is a special technology that creates an embossed convex image. To give the pattern the required volume, an element is superimposed on the base, with the help of which such an effect is obtained - a piece of fabric or knitted fabric of the required size, height from 1 to 6 mm. The embroidery machine applies threads on top of this element, then carefully trimmed. scissors or hills. In addition, during embroidery, the hands of the master carefully put this piece directly to the right place, thus forming the desired pattern.

How is 3D embroidery created?

"Мерилін Монро" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
"Эфиопка" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці

The whole process, except for manual teaching of the three-dimensional element is controlled by a computer program. We put a soul into the process and therefore each subsequent embroidery is always different from the previous one, improving, changing and turning into works of art.

"Високий светр" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
"Високий светр" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці

The material used for embroidery is viscose threads. In the process of production according to the previously developed design, elements of fabric of different texture or hand-knitted cloth.Then, if necessary, various ornaments or other elements of decoration are sewn

"Королева" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
— the product should be turned inside out and washed separately from other things;

— wash in "manual" mode or "delicate" washing, at a temperature not higher than 40 ° without wringing;

— Use only soft detergents;

— Сontaminated areas should be rubbed a little

How should you take care of a 3D embroidery?

"Дiвчина з квітами у волоссі" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
"Могилянка" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці



— the product after washing should be easily squeezed by hand, wrapped in a towel and lightly, without undue effort, squeezed;

— then dry, but not completely;

— it is necessary to iron a product with an embroidery, having laid under it a new damp fabric
You shouldn't fold freshly washed products at once, let them lie down a little in the expanded kind and dry up

A piece of advice

"Дівчина у шифоновій спідниці" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
— Nova Poshta ( you can choose any department)

— Courier (Kyiv)

— Self-pickup (Kyiv)


— cash upon receipt at branches of Nova Poshta;

— Courier payment:

— payment by card


Our clothes' size chart

"Могилянка" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці

01 — T-shirts

"Могилянка" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
"Могилянка" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці

03 — Trousers

02 — Sweatshirts and Hoodies

"Могилянка" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
"Могилянка" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
"Могилянка" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці
"Дівчина у шифоновій спідниці" 3D-вишивка на молочній футболці

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